Blueberries and other Fruit   
We still have canning pears which are also good to eat. Muscadines never did produce very well and a new group of deer ate more than their share. Maybe a better crop next year!

Pecan production looks bleak for this year. Between bugs and too much rain causing scab, pecans on most trees have turned black or just have fallen off.

Looks like an amazing year for satsumas. Trees are loaded and just the right size! Check this site about the third week of October to see if they are ready to pick or call 409-753-2247. Lemons, grapefruit, and kumquats also look good. These other citrus are ready in late November or December.
Seasons of Griffin Berry Farm Produce      
Late May-June
You Pick $10 gallon

You Pick $15 for 5 gallons
70 cents per Pound

Muscadine Grapes
You Pick $8 gallon

You Pick 80 cents Pound
We Pick $1.00 Pound

You Pick $1 per Pound

Blueberry Season has certain days and hours
All other fruits are by appointment. Call to schedule.

Check this section on this site to know when fruits are in season.
Notes from Bill and Barbara   
Welcome to the Griffin Berry Farm web site.  We are excited to keep you updated with the most current information about what's going on at the farm. Hopefully we've answered most of your questions on this site but if you need any additional information, please contact us at the phone number listed.
We're located West of Beaumont heading out Highway 105 or Phelan. Our address is:
2394 Moore Road
Beaumont, TX 77713
(409) 753-2247

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